Our Reloading Experts Can Help You Choose the Right Equipment and Components for Your Specific Shooting Needs.

Reload Your Own Afforadable, High Quality Ammo

Expensive Bullets Are a Bummer

Sure, you love shooting your favorite guns... until you add up the boxed ammo costs. Learn to reload your own and save money while knowing you’re shooting high quality rounds.

CGC is Your Reload Expert

Make Colorado Gun Cleaners your local reloading stop! We have staff with more than 30 years of experience in reloading metallic and shotgun cartridges. Our show room is fully stocked with a variety of brass, primers, powder and bullets. You'll love our prices too!

Featuring Dillon Precision and Lyman Reloading Equipment

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Colorado Gun Cleaners has a demonstration and training facility with several of the most popular and versatile reloading systems. Our reloading experts will help you find the right system for you.

We Always Have A Great Selection of Reloading Components
Primers • Bulk Casings • Powder
Poly & Copper Jacket Bullets
Find Your Favorite Brands
Hodgdon • IMR • Winchester • Accurate • Remington • Precision Delta • Eggleston
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Training Included
with Purchase

Don’t Worry Pilgrim, We’ll Teach Ya’

Buy any reloading machine and receive free training at our store reloading lab.

Hands-On Demonstration & Training of the Most Popular Systems