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Better than Manual Hand Cleaning - No Mess, No Fuss, No Smell

Cleaning and lubricating your firearm is one of the things that keeps a gun operating properly. A build-up of carbon from firing your gun, as well as dust and dirt, can cause all kinds of malfunctions. The friction of poorly lubricated metal-on-metal contact causes undue wear and can keep your firearm from cycling properly. Dirty firearms are just a bad idea - plain and simple.

What is Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning?

Colorado Gun Cleaners uses a tried-and-true cleaning technique called "Ultrasonic Cleaning.” Many police departments and armories use this same technique. When we receive your gun we field disassemble it and submerse it in our ultrasonic cleaning tank. The Ultrasonic Cleaner uses sonic waves to loosen dirt, carbon deposits and debris which separates them from your firearm. After cleaning we submerge your gun in a lubrication tank to remove all traces of water and protect it against corrosion. Then we reassemble it and call you to pick it up. Fast, easy, simple!

Is Ultrasonic Cleaning Safe for My Firearm?

Absolutely! For many years ultrasonic cleaning has been the preferred method used by the pros at police departments, armories, and machine shops to clean metal surfaces. It is more thorough, more gentle, and far superior to manual cleaning methods.

Safe For All Types of Firearms

Steel • Alloy • Polymer
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Simple & Easy Cleaning

Drop Off Your Firearm

We Strip it, Provide a Superior Ultrasonic Cleaning, Reassemble and Lubricate

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dirty bolt
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Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedure
  1. Ensure all firearms are unloaded prior to entering the store.
  2. A valid form of ID (state issued) is required for drop off and pick-up.
  3. Laws prohibits Colorado Gun Cleaners from returning a firearm to a different person than the one that dropped it off.
  4. If we notice anything irregular or non-functional when preparing a firearm for cleaning, we will stop work and notify you immediately.

Remember to Clean Unused Firearms Once a Year!

Join the Cleaners Club and Save

Join the Colorado Gun Cleaners Club and receive 10 gun cleanings in one year - either handgun or long gun. Club members receive a number of money saving benefits with their yearly membership.

Yearly Membership Benefits Include:
  • 10 Gun Cleanings
    (including up to 2 magazines per cleaning)
  • 5% Off Everyday Discount for All In-Stock Products & Services
  • $10 FFL Transfers
  • "Cost-Plus" New Gun Orders
  • $40 Off One Complete Firearm Cerakote® Service
  • 1 Free Professional Optic Mounting/Boresighting
New Members



Additional gun cleanings (beyond your 10 included cleanings) are $25.90 for club members. For details on additional membership benefits give us a call!

Individual Single Gun Cleaning Prices

Handgun - $50.00
Long Gun - $60.00

Colorado Gun Cleaners Cleaning Club Card

Join Online

Purchase your membership online and we will mail your membership card to you. The membership starts when you bring in your first gun for cleaning or use any of the included benefits.

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